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We recognise that moving into a care home can be a stressful time for you and those who are helping to find an appropriate home that meets your individual needs, wishes and aspirations.

We feel Southlands provides a unique opportunity to live in a cheerful, caring and responsive environment and is not what many people traditionally consider a care home to be!

We have set out in this guide to help to answer those questions you may have about living at Southlands but please do contact us on 01626 363510 if you require any further information or would wish to arrange a visit.


Carol Dyke                                     Andrew Bone                                Chris Sutton

Home Manager                             Director                                           Director


Here, you’ll find a vibrant, supportive and laughter-filled community – for both residents and their families. Our friendly, kind and expert staff are known for providing the very best care – and we’re happy to do so on a permanent, convalescent or holiday basis as suits your needs. But don’t take our word for it. Look at our inspection report on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) site where in May 2018 we were rated “Good” in every area or view our genuine reviews on and come and experience Southlands for yourself.

At Southlands, we’re continuously striving to push the boundaries of what a good care home should be. As you’d expect of a quality provider, our approach to care is holistic: we pay as much attention to the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being of our residents as to their practical and physical needs.

But we go a little bit further than that. Our motto ‘Your life, your care, your way!’ isn’t just empty rhetoric; it’s our driving philosophy. Our staff members are hand-picked for their attitude and personality as well as skill sets. They all subscribe to our core belief that individuality matters, and that everyone is innately interesting, enjoyable and useful.

So, while there is inevitably a general and reassuring rhythm to our day, you’ll be encouraged to dance to your own tune. We’ll help you pursue your interests, use your skills and knowledge, and maintain your relationships. We’ll celebrate your experiences and achievements, and we’ll support your choices.

Southlands is about as un-institutional as a care home can be!

Residents can manage their time as freely as they did when they were at home, for example dining, sleeping, bathing, popping out for appointments or receiving visitors whenever they want. Except, here, they are safe in the knowledge that our kind, experienced and knowledgeable staff are on hand to look after all their needs, from personal care to catering and property maintenance – 24 hours a day.

What’s more, the range of activities organised, the different spaces to spend time in, and the caring camaraderie of the Southlands family makes it a warm, loving and fun place to be.

We can accommodate 33 people in 31 tastefully decorated and furnished  bedrooms, all except two of which have en-suite facilities with 11 having full wet rooms and some with their own patios.   An electric profiling bed will be provided along with other specialist equipment to enhance your abilities.

TVs and telephone land lines can be fitted in all rooms and with our state of the art WIFI system many of our residents use their computers, I Pads, Spotify, Lexis type devises and communicate with friends and relatives throughout the world using Skype. Help is of course at hand in using these devices.

The communal spaces include a very large social lounge and dining room, plus a TV and reading room which are ideal for greeting and meeting with your guests in.

Every room in the home has a nurse call system, ensuring help can be summoned whenever needed.


Southlands is owned by Decorum Care & Support Services Limited  (Company number 09297250) and is a company run by Andrew Bone and Christine Sutton who are a husband and wife team who have over 33 years’ experience in providing care services.

Andrew is a Registered Social Worker and Christine is a qualified Personnel Manager.

The home is run day to day by Carol Dyke who is a State Registered Nurse with 34 years of experience in nursing and has been at Southlands for some 17 years.


In addition to the registered manager, the home employs some 34 staff many of whom have worked at Southlands for  many years. All staff undertake ongoing professional training.

There are at least 6/7 staff on duty in the mornings, 4 at other times and 2 awake at night with Senior Management cover at all times. This is besides Housekeepers, Cooks, handyman, administration support and an Activities Co-ordinator.


Southlands is registered with The Care Quality Commission to offer services for people mostly over the age of 65 including married couples or partners, however we can on occasion support younger people under the age of 65  who may have a physical disability including sensory impairments.

The type of resident who enjoys living at Southlands are those who appreciate that they are living with others who are able to hold   conversations and enjoy each others company.  We do support people with age related forgetfulness but not dementia’s.

In the event of illness, you will be cared for in your own room. However if, in the opinion of your GP other specialist care is required, alternative arrangements will need to be made.  If you are found to be in need of nursing or more intensive specialist help, we may, on medical advice, end the agreement without you having to give notice so that you may be relocated in a suitable nursing home or hospital.

We are proud that we have consistently being rated as “GOOD” in every area of the homes operation by the Care Quality Commission and hold a 4 Star Food Hygiene rating. A copy of the report is available in the TV lounge in the Service Users Folder.

We support people who are self funding their stay or are supported by the Local Authority or NHS.


As mentioned above it is our aim to provide a service that enables you to live as full and active life as possible within a home from home environment by providing a high quality flexible service to assist you to maximise your choices and independence.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing a safe and supportive environment.
  • Involving you in the planning and running of the service both in relation to the way you wish to live and be supported but also how the home runs.
  • Involving you in your pre-admission assessment and the subsequent formulation of your care plans and to obtain your consent to care and treatment – following the Mental Capacity Act if required.
  • Consulting regularly by way of meetings with you and your representatives and staff on the way the service is run and to create an environment where feedback is welcomed. Although a formal complaints system is in place you will be encouraged and supported to share your views, comments and suggestions and these will be listened to and acted on.
  • Providing accommodation and furnishings, nutrition, laundry, housekeeping and personal care of a high standard to enhance your experience when using the service.
  • Ensuring that the full range of community health services are accessed to ensure your physical, emotional and mental health needs are appropriately met.
  • Ensuring that the way the home is run maximises your dignity, privacy, independence, choice, fulfillment, rights and life style choices.
  • Welcoming wider local community involvement both within the home and for you to access external community resources and activities.
  • Monitoring and improving the quality of service provision by completing quality appropriate audits and by listening to feedback from service users, families, visitors, professional staff, and conducting confidential satisfaction surveys.



The following services and items are included in and covered by your weekly fees:

•      The costs of your personal care

•      Accommodation

•      Utilities (e.g. heat and light)

•      Food and drink, including snacks

•      Air mattresses / cushions up to medium dependency

•      Housekeeping and laundry undertaken on the premises (excepting articles requiring dry cleaning)

•      Bed linen and towels

•      Activities organised by the home run on the premises

•      Occupational therapy


The following items and services are not covered by the weekly fees, however either we or your representative can arrange for them to be provided. You shall be responsible for payment for extra items and services and we shall advise you of their cost beforehand.

•      Professional hairdressing (we have a visiting hairdresser)

•      Personal copies of newspapers or magazines

•      Personal purchases such as stationery, confectionery, alcoholic beverages,

particular snacks, soaps and toiletries

•      Clothing, shoes and slippers

•      Installation of private telephone line, internet or cable TV connections

•      Outings and trips and meals out

•      Personal TV licence (usually free dependant on age)

•      Air mattresses / cushions up to medium dependency


It is normally the case that the NHS provide the following, however if they do not or you wish to make your own arrangements  a charge will be made in addition to your weekly fees:

•      Chiropody

•      Opticians

•      Dentistry

•      Physiotherapy

•      Transport and escort to medical appointments

•      Incontinence pads and materials

•      High dependency pressure releaving equipment

•      Other privately arranged health care

•      In the event that NHS staff, your representatives or relatives are unable to provide you with an escort to hospital / medical appointments, we will be happy to assist however a charge of £20.00 per hour (2022/23) for a member of staff to accompany you will be made.

The Home’s policy is to charge for any sundry items at cost wherever possible, but reserves the right to make a small administration charge for paying for these services on your behalf  and subsequently recovering the expense.  Items will be charged to your account and a separate invoice for sundry items raised periodically. It is requested that £100.00 cash is deposited with the home to cover these expenses. Any surplus will be refunded within 7 days of the day the resident leaves.


Trial period

Moving into a care home can be difficult and it takes different people varying amounts of time to decide whether they wish to stay on a permanent basis. To assist you the first 28 days (except in the case of short stays) are on a trial basis. Please remember that at anytime even if you are a permanent resident you can give 28 days notice to move out.


If you come to live with us we will encourage you to make new friends but also to stay in touch with old ones and maintain contact with the outside world.

We operate an OPEN DOOR policy so that your friends, neighbours and family can call in at any time.  You can make your guests welcome by offering them a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits/cake.

You must also remember that living at Southlands means you can go to visit your friends or continue to attend outside clubs or groups or places of worship. In fact we strongly encourage this.


While we welcome some pets (gold fish, budgies etc.) we have had some residents who have looked after the family dog whilst their relatives pop into Newton Abbot to shop. Staff  being at hand to take the dogs into the garden when required. Please talk to us about this.

Entertainment and Activities

We employ an Activities Co-ordinator to organise entertainment and activities geared to your interests.  We offer a weekly programme of mixed activities including:  regular gentle exercise, an opportunity to participate in card and board games, art, puzzles, knitting circle, cocktails and mock tails. We also welcome the nursery children from St.Josephs school opposite Southlands, visiting entertainers and regularly organise trips out also form part of our schedule and we are always more than happy to arrange a party for a special occasion!!

We will also be happy to support you in pursuing your own interests inside or outside of the home so please make sure you discuss these with us.

Food and Drinks

Enjoy the special home cooking that our cooks plan and prepare.  Every day you will be given a choice from the menu and we welcome suggestions from residents as to dishes they would enjoy. You can dine in your room or in our bright and airy dining room.

You can join other residents in helping to prepare the menus to ensure they reflect individuals choices and favourite meals.

There is always tea, coffee and other drinks available day and night.

However, please remember, if you feel hungry or thirsty at any time, one of our staff will be pleased to help you.


Television points are  available in all bedrooms and the home does provide a television in the lounge and during short stays, however those living hear permanently  are welcome to bring your own. You are also welcome to have TV broadband services installed, however we ask that you are responsible for the charges and disconnection / making good when you leave.


The usual practice at Southlands is for medication to be securely stored by the home and distributed at the relevant times by our trained staff.  However if you would wish to manage your own we would be happy to discuss the possibility.

Electrical Appliances

The home is required by law to ensure that all electrical and mechanical equipment is of the highest standard from a safety point of view.  All equipment that is the property of the home complies with these standards and specifications.   Therefore you will need to arrange for them to be PAC tested. Please ask Carol for details of where to arrange this.


Unfortunately, you have reached a stage in your life when you need more support than can be provided for you at home.  We will try to take a holistic approach to supporting you and offer the following services for your convenience.

Doctor                        If you live locally we recommend that you keep your own Doctor.  If you are transferring out of your Doctor’s catchment area, then we can help you register with a local NHS doctor.

Nursing                     If you require any minor nursing procedures we will arrange for the district nurse to visit.

Optician                     We regularly hold an NHS Optician Surgery at the home so your eyes can be checked, with particular importance to eyes tested for Glaucoma.  If required, new glasses can be selected, made and then delivered back to you at the home.

Dentist                       We use the services of a community dentist who visits the home at regular intervals or as and when required.  If however, you have links with another dental surgery you are very welcome to continue to use that service.

Chiropodist               If you already have your own chiropodist we hope you will continue to have them call on you, but if you need a new chiropodist, we are able to offer you the services of a private chiropodist who visits the house, the service of which you will need to pay for.

Bathing/                    Your specific needs can be discussed with your key worker

Personal Care          who will ensure that appropriate assistance is always available to you.  We have a range of specialist bathing facilities that will allow you to be treated with the most dignity possible.

Hair-dressing           If you already have your own hairdresser in the area, you are welcome to continue to have them call on you or visit them.  If you require a new hairdresser, we have an experienced hairdresser who looks after both ladies and gentlemen.

Laundry                     You will need to make sure that all your clothes are clearly marked with your name, so that our laundry staff can easily identify your clothing and return it to you washed and ironed.  If you are not able to do this, our staff will be pleased to help.

All wash and wear clothing is laundered on the premises but we are unable to undertake dry cleaning.

Hearing                     We will assist you to ensure that you receive advice on problems relating to hearing difficulties, either privately or through the NHS.

Religion                    We recognise that it is important that we not only meet your physical needs but that we help you to meet your spiritual needs too.  We will be happy to discuss these with you in person but we do hold Church of England Communion Service monthly and have visiting ministers from other faiths.



Please be assured that we will respect your privacy.  Staff will knock on your bedroom door and wait to be invited to enter and any confidential matters discussed with staff will remain confidential.

Confidentiality and your Information

We hold information about you to enable us to provide care and support and to meet your needs. This is kept on paper or computer records.

We will never disclose information to any third party unless it is required to provide a service to you or where we by law are required to provide information to a government organisation. This includes Doctors, hospital, district nurses, Inland Revenue, the Local Council.

To help run Southlands we use the services of a select few organisations for accountancy and legal advice purposes. The minimum information is provided but this may include your details.

Regarding sharing information with your relatives or friends, we would normally only discuss your situation with those who you have given agreement for us to do so or if there is someone who has a legal responsibility to act on your behalf such as those who have a Lasting Power of Attorney.

You have a right to see what information is held on your behalf. Please ask to speak to Carol or Andrew or a person who you agree can ask.

For further information please see our GDPR policy on our website or ask for a copy.


Review of your care and support plan

Every month Carol and her team review your care and support plan but will meet with you and your relatives / advocate to review and plan your life at Southlands. You will be assisted to prepare for the meeting. The review is an opportunity for you to say how you feel about all aspects of your life but also say how you wish to be supported going forward.

Concerns and Complaints Policy

At Southlands we are committed to providing a first-class, kind, confident and professional care service.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our service, we want to hear from you as soon as possible. We will then make the relevant enquiries and aim to put matters right as soon as we can. Where appropriate, we will also take steps to prevent the problem happening again.

Our Concerns and complaints procedure is available on our web site, on the poster in the entrance hall, in the residents Welcome to Southlands booklet and by asking Carol or Andrew.

We encourage you or your representative to talk to us immediately an issue arises as often small matters can unnecessarily get out of hand.  This is so important to us that you will have Andrew`s telephone number to contact if you have concerns and they cannot be sorted at by staff on duty at Southlands.

Advocacy Support:

Sometimes you or we may feel you would benefit from receiving the support of someone other than a member of our team to help you say what you want, understand the choices you may have in a particular situation or to represent your best interests. This is where an Advocate could be useful.


You can expect:

  • Choice and support which is appropriate to their needs
  • To be treated with skill, care and consideration at all times
  • To be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • Privacy of space, belongings and personal affairs
  • Confidentiality of all matters relating to Residents
  • To be involved with or have an advocate involved in making decisions on all aspects of their care
  • To have access to community facilities, resources and activities
  • To choose whether or not to participate in activities
  • The support of a relative or friend at any time and advocacy and interpreting services
  • To have control over their personal and financial affairs, or where this may not be possible, to receive appropriate support
  • Protection from exploitation, discrimination or inappropriate behaviour of any kind

Funding Arrangements

We welcome both those who are funding their own care and those supported by the local authority or NHS.

Funding for care can be a worrying and complex matter. We are happy to discuss your situation but cannot provide financial advice.

However there are many sources of advice available which include: An Independent Age, specialist financial advisors, some solicitors and Devon County Council. Contact details can be found on our website

Although we have had experience of these organisations we do not recommend any and give them as examples only. Other similar organisations are available

Those funding their own care maybe asked to provide proof of resources to pay for 2 to 3 years. Once a decision to move in has been made a deposit of two weeks fees is required to secure the room. This will be deducted from the first months invoice. Further details on request.

Indicative Weekly Fee Guide

The current indicative fees from April 2022 are:

  • Single room: The weekly fee is currently from £875.00

Prices quoted are for guidance only.  All prices are subject to an individual care needs assessment and the type of room and services chosen.

Fees are paid one calendar month in advance by banker’s standing order on the first day of the month.

Fee Reviews:

Fees are reviewed once a year in April.  We will consult before implementing a change in fees for this reason we will provide a minimum of 28 days notice in writing, advising the amount of any increase unless your care needs have increased significantly or unexpectedly where 7 days notice will be given.

Reviews will take into account increase in care needs, the retail price index, housing costs, statutory Living Wage, pensions and any increases in staffing costs, as well as other increases in the Home’s running costs, including a demonstrable increase in costs due to regulatory changes.

As an indication our annual fee increases for the last three years have been,   2020 & 2021 5% this year (2022 + 2023) 6.0%.which was due to significant rise in the National Minimum Wage and very high inflation 2022.

Your fees may increase or decrease at other times where there has been a significant change in your care needs as assessed by our Home Manager. We will of course consult with you and your representatives and involve them in any decision to provide additional care.

Where we give notice to increase fees due to your needs increasing  you may ask for an independent review of the needs assessment.  Please remember residents always have the option to give notice and move to alternative accommodation.

Fees may also change if, at your request, you move to a different room for which different fees are payable.

Where a local authority has issued a contract for the provision of residential care, the proportion of the fees to be paid by you, local authority, and third party is determined by the financial assessment they make.  In cases where part of the fees is covered by a health insurance plan, you are responsible for paying the balance of the fees each month. This may vary depending on the placing local authority. Fee increases are determined by a process agreed between us and the Local Authority.

In cases where you are self-funding and your resources are nearing £25,000 you maybe entitled to financial support from the local authority. Please advise us of this situation as soon as possible so we can provide you with details of who to contact.  In the event that local authority funding does not meet the full cost of care, it will be necessary to put in place a third-party contribution towards the fees, failing which the contract may be terminated giving 28 days notice by either party.

Where the fees being paid do not meet the cost of the current room being occupied you maybe offered another room which has a lower cost.

Absence Fees

If you are in hospital or on holiday or otherwise absent you will be charged normal residential fees for the first 3 weeks, then there will be a deduction of 10% for the next 3 weeks.

If you are absent from the home for a continuous period of 6 weeks, we will consult with you and your nominated representative and local authority (if applicable) to seek agreement regarding the further retention of the room. If you wish to continue to further retain the room, the 10% discount will apply.

If, following a period of absence, you are unable to return, normal notice of 28 days will be required except in the case of death.  In all circumstances fees remain payable while any possessions are left in the room.

Where we are able to re-let your room after you leave, we will refund any payments that you have paid for the part of notice period following re-letting.

Other information:

We have included on our web site our Data Protection Policy (GDPR), our How to Raise Concerns Policy and other information and short videos from residents and staff describing their experiences of living at Southlands.

We hope this booklet has been useful but please remember we are here to help and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Southlands.

You can contact Carol Dyke on 01626 363510 or Andrew Bone on 07973 529610.