There can come a time in later life when living alone at home is no longer the best option.

For some, it’s when they no longer feel up to performing essential chores such as cooking a nutritional meal, changing the bed sheets or changing a light bulb. Perhaps the garden has become too much of a burden.

For others, there has been a scary incident such as a fall, with no-one around to help.

For many, living alone has simply become too lonely, and the days seem too long and the nights even longer.

One alternative is a residential care home like Southlands, which offers a ‘home from home’ experience.

Residents can manage their time as freely as they did when they were at home, for example dining, sleeping, bathing, popping out for appointments or receiving visitors whenever they want. Except, here, they are safe in the knowledge that our kind, experienced and knowledgeable staff are on hand to look after all their needs, from personal care to catering and property maintenance – 24 hours a day.

What’s more, the range of activities organised, the different spaces to spend time in, and the caring camaraderie of the Southlands family makes it a warm, loving and fun place to be.

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