Arranging Care for a Loved One

We know that the decision to arrange any form of external care..


…and in particular a residential care home – for a loved one can be very difficult, fraught with emotions ranging from despair and frustration to anxiety and guilt, often topped with not a little fatigue and financial worry.

At Southlands, we’ll do everything we can to alleviate the pressure and confusion at this time. We’ll help you to clearly and confidently weigh up the pros and cons of a care home for your relative and your individual situation – and to understand the perhaps-surprising array of optional arrangements that may be open to you, as well as the increasingly different ways available for funding your choice. (See our services page , Which option is right for you, for some initial information.)

If you are your relative’s nominated primary contact, your relative’s key worker will ensure that you are included in key decisions relating to your relative’s care.  You will be informed of any relevant changes or events, and kept up-to-date with personalised activity and status reports. And, of course, your relative’s key worker, our manager and our proprietor will always be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have, confidentially, honestly and with an open mind.

It’s this caring, straight-forward, inclusive approach that has garnered us strong word-of-mouth recommendations from relatives, with comments such as:

“Staff are very friendly, nothing is too much trouble.”

Julie, relative.

Supporting Relatives

Once your relative joins us, rest assured you’ll become part of the Southlands family, too. You’ll also be introduced to all our staff, and will be welcome to visit at any time.

Funding for Care

Funding for care can be a worrying and complex matter. We are happy to discuss your situation but there are many sources of advice available which include:

An Independent Age:  A not for profit organisation which has helpful guides both on line and in print on both choosing a care home and financial entitlements for the over 65s. Tel: 020 7605 4200 or click here for information.

Specialist financial advisors:  Organisations such as “Care Planning Associates”and WBW Solicitors:

Care Planning Associates are an independent company which is an accredited member of the Society of Later Life Advisers and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They provide tailored advice around both funding care home fees and financial planning. They offer a free consultation where they are happy to come to you or you to them. Their local contact is Chris Lee on 0781 0481248.

WBW Solicitors Queen Street, Newton Abbot provide advice on both the legal and financial aspect of care. They offer a free half an hour consultation:- Please contact Catherine Causey on 01626 202404.

Devon County Council:  Devon Council offer advice and some funding for those who do not have resources over £23,250. Please be aware that you will be assessed by Devon Council and be expected to contribute any pension and other income / savings towards the cost of your care potentially leaving you with on average  £24.90 Personal Expenditure Allowance a week.  Please contact Care Direct on 0345 1551007.

Although we have had experience of these organisations we do not recommend any and give them as examples only. Other similar organisations are available.

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