Life, love and laughter

Southlands is more than a home; it’s a big family, with a culture of looking out for each other.


Most of our team members and external providers are local, which adds a reassuring touch of familiarity and continuity if you move in from the local area.

If you are coming from further afield, don’t worry: our easy, welcoming atmosphere means that you will quickly make friendships.

A Typical Day

Of course, we have a general routine for each day, which revolves around the essentials such as meals and meds.

But residents are far from bound to a rigid regime.

Visitor times: any!

For a start, we recognise how crucial it is for you to retain your existing social network so we operate an open-door policy 24 hours a day for family, friends and well-behaved pets.

Staying Connected – in person and online

Living at Southlands

We also actively engage with the local community and encourage you to come and go as you please, for example to visit friends, your clubs or place of worship.

What’s more, with free Wi-Fi available throughout the Home, you can easily stay in touch with family and friends who live further afield – whether by email, social media or Skype.

We’ve even got an increasing population of silver-haired surfers who are using the Internet to shop, read books, watch films, play games and stay abreast with the latest developments in their particular fields of interest.

Our staff will be happy to help you get set up to make the most of the ‘digital dimension.’

“The atmosphere is so welcoming.”

Audrey, regular visitor

“I have nothing to worry about, couldn’t ask for more.”

Jean, permanent resident

An Individual Approach

Living at Southlands

Above all, we’re driven by our ethos of providing individualised care and enabling independence. We’ll take the time to get to know you personally, and find out what is important to you and what you would like to do for yourself – so that you not only enjoy your time with us to the maximum, but you also stay connected to the ‘real you’.

If you wish, we’ll enable you to pursue your hobbies, revisit past interests, encourage you to try new activities, and perhaps even help you to fulfil a life-long dream. We’ll order the newspapers and magazines you like to read, and can arrange trips to the library.

We want you to feel in control of your life. We’ll respect your privacy and preferences, and you’ll be able to personalise your room. We’ll involve you and your family in all decisions about your care, and keep you all informed of any general changes or events that might affect you. We’ll regularly ask for your honest feedback, too, so that we can continuously improve your experience.

What’s more, our residents have the opportunity to join the social committees that steer every aspect of life at Southlands, from menus to outings and daily activities. We’re always open to fun ideas. And you can even get involved in staff recruitment and marketing brainstormings, if you want!

As a result, our corridors buzz with life, love and laughter all day long.

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